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ANTM winner arrives for MoDA grooming

Published:Sunday | July 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Krista White, Antm Top Model. - Contributed Photos
Krista White, Antm Top Model. - Contributed Photos
Krista White, Antm Top Model. - Contributed Photos
Krista White, Antm Top Model. - Contributed Photos
Krista White, Antm Top Model. - Contributed Photos

Krista White is a 29-year-old American fashion model, best known for winning Cycle 14 of America's Next Top Model (ANTM). Now signed to Wilhelmina Models, White will be coming to the Rock this week to be part of the MoDA grooming workshop at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, with industry experts like international stylist Arnold Milfort, Angelie Martin-Spence, Yendi Phillipps, Marie Hall-Smith, Jason Palmer, Sara Chang, and Nadine Roberts. The workshop is geared towards teaching young girls about confidence, poise, and grace.

The young model, during her ANTM debut, was never placed in the bottom two, making her the fourth winner to achieve this record, preceded by winners Jaslene Gonzalez, McKey Sullivan, and Nicole Fox. She has walked the runway for top New York designer Nicole Miller in New Zealand Fashion Week, as well as for top eccentric designer Betsey Johnson and friend Sergio Guadarramo's collection, Celestino Collection. Before her visit to the Rock for the grooming sessions which starts tomorrow, the Outlook Magazine caught up with White to give us an inside peek into her young life.

How did you get into modelling as a career?

Well, when I was 14, a talent scout stopped my mom and I while shopping in the local mall and told her I should think about becoming a model. I had all the right features from my height, to my build, so we decided to get involved in some local events. Also, my mom modelled when she was younger as well, so it was something we could have in common also.

By being a model, how do you think you contribute to society?

I'd like to think that modelling gives you a platform to empower young women. I am from a small town and the response I've got from young girls from middle America since I won the show is truly remarkable. If I can set a positive example for anyone I feel I've given back to society in a small way.

How do you define physical beauty, and what are your personal standards?

KW: Personally I feel beauty radiates from the inside out. Our society focuses so much on the outside and people tend to forget about building the inside first. I personally feel beautiful in a pair of sweatpants. True beauty comes from within and how you feel about yourself.

OM: Do you have public role models? If yes, who are they?

KW: Truthfully no, I've always looked up to my mom. She's a very strong black woman and I feel if I could grow to be as strong as her and raise my future children as well as she did for me and my sisters, then that would be just fine with me.

OM: What has been the best part of winning ANTM?

KW: I always say that the best part of being on the show and winning ANTM was meeting Angela Preston. We've become friends for life and I gained so much from watching just how strong she was, and how driven and determined she was to accomplish her goals.

OM: How did your life change after winning?

KW: It immediately makes you a known entity and people feel as if they know you just from watching you live on television. I'm naturally a very private person, so the extra attention can be uncomfortable at times and it did initially take some getting used to. It isn't what I expected, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

OM: What have you enjoyed most after winning the title?

KW: Definitely travelling, the opportunity to travel and be a part of events such as this one is an amazing opportunity. Giving back and being able to assist those who are up and coming in the fashion industry. And lastly, the ability to help mentor young models has probably been the most fulfilling part of winning the title.

OM: Do you get recognised in public?

KW: All the time, and it still quietly freaks me out.

OM: What have you struggled with the most in your life?

KW: As far as the show goes, my struggle has always been feeling as if I need to prove why I should've won instead of Raina. To this day, people still feel as if she should've won and people don't realise just how ugly they can be on social media sometimes. Real people live on the other side of the screen names and I think sometimes people lose sight of that when they speak ugly about others. I feel as though Raina was a great person and a very tough competitor for me on the show, and I honestly would sit with producers during my testimonies and talk about how I felt that every other girl deserved to win over me. I wish people could see the whole story in regards to reality TV because so much of what you see is what producers want you to see and not the whole story. So many things are edited or shown out of sequence it can change perceptions and make someone out to be something they might not be.

OM: What is your dream modelling job?

KW: To my own modelling agency.

OM: What's next for Krista?

KW: Jamaica, duh! See you soon! After that, it's continuing to follow my passion for helping others in the fashion industry in every way I can. Utilising my platform to reach and empower as many young women as I can. I also would like to eventually work on a book about a few of the positives and negatives about the modelling industry. And finally gearing up for Las Vegas Fashion Week in August, where I will be a host and judge.