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Dress up your neck

Published:Monday | July 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

Are you ever in need of that one accessory that you know will just make your outfit the talk of the town? Well, all the fab and stylish ladies out there are in for a treat as Stacia Davidson, the creative director of Yaad Trendz has designed and created female accessories and clothing that are bold, fun and flirty.

Yaad Trendz, a company solely dedicated to motivate and empower women to look, feel and live well, has launched its newest neckwear collection line - NECKSTAZ.

The creativity and inspiration behind NECKSTAZ was not something Davidson was readily working on. Her thoughts were to create a swimsuit line for the summer. However, in life, there are some things that don't happen as planned. Already having material to work with the brand, Neckstaz was born. Davidson tells us, "the designs came during my work flow; no sketches, no plans and Neckstaz was the result. At first, the line was called Necksters - anything with a personality of its own, like these pieces, have to be distinguished by name. We called them Necksters. Since this design was so close to me, we changed the 'sters' to 'staz'as Staz is what I am sometimes affectionately called."

This venture was both a personal and business accomplishment for Davidson. She was able to achieve a goal she had set. "I believe it is a turning point for Yaad Trendz, and Neckstaz will be the product that will give us that initial strong international recognition and presence. I'm really excited about the prospects and the feedback has been encouraging and phenomenal," affirmed Davidson.

Her passion for fashion has been something Davidson encouraged while in university. Her imagination, being her most cherished gift, got her to be involved in up-cycling and recycling second hand clothing, fabric scraps, and materials such as wood, copper, wicker and plastic to make beautiful new products.

"It's the ultimate high to be able to use your creativity and resourcefulness in designing and coming up with quality pieces that are bold, stylish, beautiful, artistic, funky and that are in demand. I don't think of myself of a fashion designer though. I think of myself more as a creative entrepreneur."

Davidson is a dream warrior; her spirit is one that can be described as action based. Her zeal to solve problems and think outside of the box to come up with sought-after styles are traits to be admired.

Davidson is the perfect example of someone who has the support and motivation of those believing in her dream until it is fulfilled. "I know that I initially took the bold step to pursue fashion as career option because of the encouraging but forceful and persistent words of wisdom from friends and those who loved the pieces I created for myself, displayed on fashion shows while attending the University of the West Indies. They believed in me more than I believed in myself. I guess if you hear something often enough you begin to believe it ,too."

If you are in the mood to jazz up your wardrobe this summer, her pieces will be sure to make that bold statement. They can be worn both day and night and can transform your outfit from drab to fab.

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Photography: Lancelot McCalla Photography

Make Up:

Diedre McKenzie


NECKSTAZ by Yaad Trendz Designer