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Henna application

Published:Monday | July 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Henna is becoming increasingly popular among Jamaican naturalistas as they've discovered its benefits. Not only is henna great for strengthening your tresses (natural or relaxed), but it is also a great alternative to chemical colour as it deposits a reddish brown hue and can be combined with other ingredients to obtain different colours. It is important to note that many recommend that the purest form of henna be used (many persons recommend Jamila henna). Here are the steps in applying henna to your hair:

What you'll need:

Apple cider vinegar or lime/lemon juice

Castor oil

1/2 box of henna depending on the quantity

Gloves (optional) just so your palms and fingers don't become stained


1. Pour the henna into a disposable plastic bowl or container.

2. Pour the apple cider vinegar or lime/lemon juice into the henna and mix until lumpy, like the consistency of cake batter (not too runny).

3. Add 3 teaspoons of castor oil (this will minimise the drying effect of the henna). The mixture will now have an olive green colour.

4. Cover mixture and leave for four hours so the dye is released (mixture will be less green and have a brownish-red look).

5. Place some castor oil around your forehead and edges to avoid staining.

6. Apply to dry hair and cover with two plastic caps and leave for four hours.

7. Rinse, wash and deep condition hair then style as usual.

Extra tip: Add honey and coconut oil to your deep conditioning mixture to give an extra kick of moisture.

After the henna treatment, you should feel and see instant results. Your hair will feel stronger, you'll experience less breakage and some persons report a slightly looser curl pattern. You should also see a slightly reddish brown colour on your hair. This will be mostly visible in sunlight.

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