Tue | Mar 28, 2023

Not without a fight!

Published:Monday | July 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I read J-FLAG Executive Director Dane Lewis' Sunday Gleaner column (July 6, 2014) titled 'Clarifying the 'J-FLAG agenda', but it fell short of recognising certain global realities as it concerns the overall gay movement.

J-FLAG is simply part of a global gay movement, and that global movement is headed in a certain direction that is plainly antithetical to TRUE democracy everywhere! Not all of us are blind to the hidden agendas of so-called human-rights groups like Jamaicans for Justice and J-FLAG.

The recent happenings with Professor Brendan Bain and the children residing in private homes - influenced by JFJ - will not be swept under the rug and forgotten.

Those of us who know better about the innocent-sounding agenda of J-FLAG (as purported by you, Dane Lewis) will not sit idly by and watch what is happening globally overtake Jamaica without a fight.