Sun | Jun 20, 2021

Homosexuality is a sickness

Published:Monday | July 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Congratulations to the Church for making its voice heard in the Half-Way Tree Square mass rally two Sundays ago against what many regard as the growing menace of homosexuality in Jamaica today.

I salute those who turned out to demonstrate for what most of us call decency and to protest against men going to bed with men and women with women. And let us say it up front: The fact that many people 'in the Church' support this kind of rogue behaviour only goes to reinforce what many have long suspected. Much of 'the Church' is a big part of the challenges we face as a society. Is it any wonder that many of those we have lost at the hands of their homosexual 'lovers' were supposedly outstanding churchmen?'

Homosexuality is an aberration. Sure, in a homosexual's 'other life', he, or she, may become an outstanding artist, a seminal scientist or a university president, but that is another matter.


Trouble is, those who engage in it are also citizens of the State (just like those whom the medical services used to send to Bellevue Hospital) and, accordingly, have the same constitutional rights as the rest of us. What they do not have is any right to foist their strange and unnatural lifestyle on the rest of us or use it as a ploy to extract favours and concessions from us or from the State.

With every respect to all concerned, a man who lusts after, and enters the anus of, another man in an amorous embrace has to be sick somewhere. Maybe in his head!

I have no wish to take away their right to go to bed with each other, but let them do it in the privacy of their homes, cars, behind trees or wherever.


Stony Hill, St Andrew