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Digicel's VoIP shutout excuse is drivel

Published:Tuesday | July 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I wish to respond to a guest column ('Viber, others robbing Jamaica of revenue, Digicel says', July 5, 2014) by Gail Moss-Solomon, head of legal and regulatory affairs at Digicel Jamaica.

If the wireless Internet that Digicel offers was provided totally free of cost, I would be able to understand, and even agree with, the assertions you have made in your letter about Digicel Jamaica losing potential revenues it rightly deserves to VoIP providers.

But, the last time I checked, your 4G services are NOT free! Jamaicans pay Digicel good money for the privilege of using your 4G Internet. It seems to me that your company would like to be able to collect TWICE for the same service.

Considering that Digicel is an Irish company, would the government of Ireland allow Digicel to do the same thing in its own homeland? Here in Canada, where I sometimes reside, I'm pretty sure that Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, and Rogers Communications would love to ban VoIP from their networks, but the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission will NOT let them. It's the same for the United States' Federal Communications Commission.


For a country that wishes to be a First-World nation by 2030, it would be a totally retrograde step for the Office of Utilities Regulation to allow your company to do this to Jamaican consumers.

This whole bandwidth argument you're making is really nothing more than a red herring because the quality of your 4G offering is so crappy that I am at a loss to understand how anybody is able to make wireless VoIP calls in the first place!

Not only that, VoIP calls don't even use anywhere near the data bandwidth of listening to online radio or streaming a video, something which I do all the time in Canada and we should be able to easily do on 4G in Jamaica, but we often cannot, especially in Kingston. Your letter is nothing more than a self-serving piece of drivel.