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Devon House noise nuisance

Published:Wednesday | July 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

This is an open letter to the executive director of Devon House, Janette Taylor, by a Kingston 10 resident writing under the nom de plume, Right to Sleep.

I am writing once again to try to get some practical and effective action regarding the great nuisance and the loss of sleep close residential neighbours are suffering as a result of:

1. Events that go on to 3 a.m. and beyond at loud volume.

2. Worse still, the behaviour and noise from the 'patrons' who frequent the parking lot and lawn and have obviously happily accepted these areas as their gift of a 'Free and Partee All Night' Entertainment Centre, courtesy of the management of Devon House and the Government of Jamaica.

As to No. 1, the latest perpetrator was the event titled Reggae Meets Fashion (or the other way around, it matters not). This event was extremely loud and the members of my household were unable to sleep, the house vibrated with the noise, and the screaming and shouting of the MC or DJ or whatever was unbearable. This continued until after 3 o'clock Sunday morning.

Calls to the police made no difference, of course.

As to item No. 2, the behaviour of the 'patrons'. Words almost fail me. There was a fight recently in the parking lot in which the security guard tried to control a hysterical woman called 'Britney'. I called the police. Again, this was early in the morning hours.

situation escalating

Apart from this, the situation in the parking lot and lawn back of Devon House is escalating into total chaos and cannot be supported. The cars begin rolling in, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, often with blasting music from the stereos, which then set off car alarms, two, three at a time going off, along with the stereos pounding and the revving of engines as the 'patrons' of the free parking lot party announce their arrival in 'style' for all to see and hear.

Those who have children bring them to scream at the top of their lungs while running, singing in loud groups and playing ball on the lawn. I am quite sure that most of these 'patrons' are not spending any money in any shops or buying anything at Devon House. They are there to meet their friends and make a lot of noise and show off to each other.

Later in the night and into the early morning, they eventually begin to take their departure, which is once more announced by the loud revving of engines and screaming and raucous laughter.

uncontrolled groups

Groups of young people stand against the boundary wall and shout, laugh and smoke ganja, the unwelcome smoke from which often drifts into my home. These uncontrolled groups throw trash into the community's park and into my yard. This is the kind of 'patronage' that is being tolerated by the 'security' in the parking lot.

The most recent problem was the crowd making noise and revving engines, setting off car alarms, screaming, etc., upon their final grand departure from the parking lot at 4:15 last Sunday morning. This was after keeping me and my family awake all night up until then.

It has to stop!

I am asking that these measures be taken by the management immediately:

1. Establish an entrance fee (like $3,000 per car) to keep out the population that are only going to the parking lot party to make noise.

2. Have signs setting out the rules: No car stereos and no revving of engines and blowing of horns on this property.

3. Revise your security policy or fire the security company that is currently in place.

4. Have a monitor in place at the planned events to ensure that the noise is kept down and the patrons behave themselves. If they are not controlled, some won't.

If you can keep out the people who are only going there to meet and greet each other with much hilarity and noise in the parking lot, you will have gone a far way to controlling a very ominous and untenable and miserable situation for your residential neighbours in town house complexes.

I earnestly and expectantly seek your intervention.

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