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Cliff Hughes On-Line on Power 106 FM - Historic and pioneering media move!

Published:Wednesday | July 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Radio host Cliff Hughes arrives at Power106FM reception lounge, downtown Kingston, on Monday. - Rudolph Brown/ Photographer

POWER 106 FM ONCE again blazes into uncharted territory with the introduction of veteran broadcaster and renown newsman, Cliff Hughes.

Hughes, on Monday joined the team at Power 106 FM as the host of its new midday programme, Cliff Hughes On-Line. With the tag line, 'talk radio for all Jamaica', the programme will be aired Monday to Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Power 106 FM.

The show has several thought-provoking features, including: On the Line, On Target, @cliffhughesonline, In More Than 50 Years of Independence, From the Archives, and The Call of the Week.

On the Line is the opening commentary through which Hughes engages listeners and provides his unique insight and perspectives on the major issues of the day.

In On Target, Hughes brings his legendary interviewing skills to the fore in cross-examining the newsmakers and facilitating interaction with listeners via phone calls and social media.

@cliffhughesonline will be for the younger and more mobile listeners who probably won't call in, but will text and post. Hughes will read and critique the posts communicated via Facebook or Twitter and respond on air.

In More Than 50 Years of Independence is a five-minute insight into pieces of the Jamaican past. Its central objective is to connect Jamaicans under 35 years old with the achievements and struggles of the Jamaican nation, and in doing so, contextualise current issues so as to point the way forward.

Connecting Jamaicans

Hughes says he is keen on doing this because he finds that too many Jamaicans today do not know what this country has been through, where it has come from and what it has achieved.

"We know very well what we've achieved in culture and sports, but we don't know very well why we've failed to make our mark economically. We must demand higher levels of governance and performance from every sector of national life."

From The Archives will be a flashback to the front page stories of The Gleaner at least 10 years from the current day. Hughes will comment on the flashback stories and invite listeners' feedback.

"The Gleaner has the unique record of being the oldest continuously published newspaper in the Western Hemisphere. There is no other newspaper, whether it be in Canada, the United States or anywhere else in the Caribbean that has the longevity of being as continuously published as The Gleaner. The Gleaner's archives are a significant source for researchers in universities and schools, so From The Archives will be used to take us back to what was on the front page of The Gleaner this day, 55 years ago or more. We will consider what was being reported then, what we are talking about now and we will make the connections in pointing the way forward." said Hughes.

Call of The Week

The Call of The Week will highlight the caller who contributed the most impactful input on the show for that particular week.

Newton James, managing director of Power 106 FM, said there have been significant expansions in the media landscape and there are many radio stations.

"We now have a market for talent that has significant listener appeal in the various formats. We are moving to a situation where the best on-air talent in the market will be able to command significant compensation and it is unlikely that any one station will be able to provide this level of remuneration. As a result, talent will be able to operate in different markets and on different stations. The benefit, therefore, will be for those radio stations that embrace this new approach and of course for the talent - in terms of significantly increasing the talent's earning power. Without a doubt, Cliff Hughes is one of the supreme talents for our format and I have no doubt about the viable performance results to come on Cliff Hughes On-Line," he said.