Sat | Mar 25, 2023

Odious buildings spoil Kingston

Published:Wednesday | July 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Why are so many awful-looking apartment buildings popping up all over the city of Kingston? They could easily be called monstrosities as they have no class.

Is any consideration being given to the fact that they block the view as well as ventilation of those unworthy victims who happen to live nearby? Could the building developers involved really have got permission from the various relevant organisations to build such things? Have those in charge of the layout of the capital city given any thought to the devastating results of the cutting down of trees, which attracts less rain and more heat?

What about water storage in Kingston, which already suffers from the shortage of such a priceless commodity? Are any plans on the way to provide another reservoir? And what about the collection and disposal of garbage? In many parts of the city, there is uncollected garbage, which is already a sore sight.

I mourn for this great city of Kingston and am no longer proud of it. Shame on those who are allowing this city to deteriorate! They will live to regret it, but the damage will already have been done.