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Teachers to be trained as math coaches

Published:Friday | July 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Davion Smith, Gleaner Writer

TEACHERS WILL become students, this year, when the Education Ministry starts a programme to coach the educators on new ways to teach mathematics in schools.

Speaking with The Gleaner during the relaunch of National Commercial Bank's (NCB) Jamaica Education Initiative (JEI) on Wednesday, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said, come September, his ministry will be investing $300 million to coach school teachers.

"We have a tremendous deficit in mathematics attainment in Jamaica (and) we are hoping to put over 100 math coaches where they're most needed in primary schools and in some high schools."

Thwaites said he wants the emphasis to be placed on how boys learn the subject, and challenged NCB to come on board.

Boys disadvantaged

"Although there is a general math deficit, it is most acute among the boys, so any help that the NCB Foundation and the JEI can give, in that regard, will be most needed."

The JEI funds principles of accounts and principles of business for students sitting the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations. It also gives scholarships and grants to Jamaican youth. The NCB Foundation originally launched the programme in 2003 and has now reintroduced it.

The JEI is able to fund its operations by the use of NCB's Keycard. One per cent of every Keycard transaction is donated to the JEI. Thwaites encouraged Jamaicans to support the JEI by using their Keycards. To date, the JEI has invested over $107 million for more than 88,000 students sitting these exams.

The JEI has collaborated with the Education Ministry to run the new Adopt a School programme.