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Remove vagrants from Supreme Court sidewalk

Published:Saturday | July 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
In this file photograph, a homeless man looks up from his cardboard bed on the sidewalk in front of Jamaica's Supreme Court in downtown Kingston. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer


Greater Portmore, St Catherine

Whenever I go to downtown Kingston, I am disturbed by the fact that especially near the Supreme Court, there are lots of homeless and mentally unstable people hanging around.

This occurrence is not only unsightly, but it is a terror to a lot of business people, shoppers, etc., who are afraid of the homeless and mentally ill people and avoid going near them.

I am concerned both for the vagrants and the people passing the unfortunate vagrants who would be better off in a government-controlled home because they need specialised care.

The support we give to the least of us is a reflection of our humanity. I believe the relevant authority should try to improve the situation for all of us. Let's make Jamaica a better place for everyone!

Shakira martin

Greater Portmore, St Catherine