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Remember Dennis Daly

Published:Monday | July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Just weeks ago, we highlighted the pioneering work of Dennis Daly in human-rights advocacy in Jamaica and urged that he, and another champion of that struggle, Flo O'Connor, be awarded a national honour. Their neglect is too long.

Unfortunately, if our suggestion is taken, Mr Daly will not know. He died last week after a long ailment. But Jamaica and the Caribbean were better off that he lived.

As the respected lawyer, Pamela Benka-Coker, captured in her tribute to Mr Daly in this newspaper last Friday, Dennis Daly was one of those rare human beings who believed, unreservedly, in the equality of all persons, insisted on the respect of human rights, and lived by his convictions, whatever the cost. He helped found what was then the Jamaica Council for Human Rights, and worked in the Legal Aid Clinic. Politically, he was an unrepentant socialist.

But more important, he was a gentle, decent human being. That, in the end, was greater than his other achievements. Nonetheless, even posthumously, he should be honoured for his work.

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