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Pink pill response - What are the men afraid of?

Published:Monday | July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

For our two-part series on the decrease in women's libido and their call to the pharmaceutical industry to create the female version of viagra, our readers have been up in arms in agreement with Janet Silvera.

Here is one reader's take.

It always amazes me how men seem to think they know us women so well. They are so afraid of the fact that we are sexual beings and are capable of being even worse than them. What we have is self-control, not lack of desire.

For my sisters who are experiencing low libido, why shouldn't they be allowed their 'pink pill'? What are the men afraid of, the truth? For their information, a young Adonis does get our juices flowing, we just conceal it better than they would. The fact that they no longer evoke that feeling in us is no reason to conclude that we have become bitter with the world. I am a woman over 40 and I am experiencing menopause. I have always had a high libido, but over the past two years it is off the charts. I know I am the exception rather than the rule, and the thing about it starting in the head is absolutely true.


Whereas I am indifferent to my ex-husband, on the other hand, just a whiff of my companion's shirt sends me into a frenzy. The sound of his voice on the telephone calms all my fears, his optimism and strong belief in God buoy my spirit, and the touch of his hand melts my heart.

Why? because he is extremely caring, and treats me like a queen. He listens when I speak and respects me, and isn't afraid to allow me to be me. For this and so much more, I absolutely love him. It goes without saying also, that he is an amazing lover.

For my dear sisters not so fortunate, I say let them have their 'pink pill', too.

- A