Thu | Dec 2, 2021

Gay-rights lobby has no case

Published:Monday | July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM


1. Scientific studies have shown that there is no gay gene accounting for homosexuality.

2. Scientific studies have shown that gay men account for the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS, and hence are a major health risk to society in terms of public health.

3. Scientific studies have shown that abolishing buggery laws does not improve access to, or have gays make increasing use of, health care.

Yet the gay movement continues to spread the lie (despite evidence to the contrary) that gays are genetically born that way, that it should be no one's business what gays do in privacy, and that buggery laws prevent gays from accessing health care.

Why that approach? The gay movement has no case, and so must resort to either outright lying, outright bullying (financially and otherwise), and deceptive appeal to base emotions, claiming that it's a human right to allow someone to debase himself sexually, wallow in faeces (as is the case with men who have sex with men), and expose themselves and others to incurable diseases as a result of their high-risk behaviours!

If the society's public health is eventually endangered by a small minority, it is NOT true to say it is no one's business what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms, since public health should be everyone's business.

If in some countries where buggery laws have been abolished, we still see an increase of HIV/AIDS among gays, it is NOT true to say "buggery laws are a hindrance to health care of gays", since it is clearly not by real evidence. If the gay movement continues to infringe upon the right to free opinion and free speech, and the freedom of religion, and the exercise and propagation of religion, it is NOT true to say gays do not hurt anyone, since they are a threat to TRUE democracy everywhere.

This is the truth, but the gay movement doesn't want to hear truth, and so they will continue to try to muzzle the Church, and the Professor Bains of this world (for instance), in order to have their way unhindered by inconvenient truths. It's time we wake up and see that the gay-rights movement has no case!