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Fresh Cups for your office

Published:Monday | July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Onel Williams (right) and Alton Bedward, co-owners of Fresh Cups, will come to your office and serve you brewed coffee.
Fresh Cups business partners Alton Bedward (left) and Onel Williams show branded cups of their freshly brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee during a demonstration at The Gleaner. - PHOTOS BY Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Althea Reid, Gleaner Intern

Fresh Cups is a business idea inspired by the need to support and promote authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The concept was coined by two young entrepreneurs, Onel Williams and Alton Bedward. The dynamic duo combined their skills and expertise as they decided to venture into an 'uncommon' business.

Blue Mountain coffee is considered one of the most expensive and sought-after gourmet coffees in the world. Many Jamaicans are still unaware of this fact and Fresh Cups is seeking to "promote this most precious local product".

As its name suggests, the company is a new and 'fresh' initiative which takes a unique approach to marketing. Williams referred to Fresh Cups as a "marketing and distribution vehicle". This strategy was intended to take directly to persons the ultimate coffee and brew experiences.

Fresh Cups was conceptualised with the aim of creating a 'to go' solution and, as Williams describes, "bringing the coffee to the people". The partners agreed that the primary aim of the company is not only for financial gain, but more so to encourage persons to embrace the Jamaican coffee, which will subsequently lead to expanding the local coffee market.

Delivery service

The company will provide to order "high-quality coffee" for corporate events, office services, pop-up stores and events. When asked to describe the factors or characteristics that would uniquely identify Fresh Cups, the young business partners spoke about the level of efficiency, convenience and diversity that their company offers. They also said Fresh Cups will enhance the overall atmosphere of any environment as the presence of good coffee creates a comfortable and a more work-efficient environment.

By providing a local coffee of top quality, Fresh Cups will target clients among corporate entities whose staff needs freshly brewed coffee daily. They will set up, make and serve the coffee at an affordable cost. The company can be contacted by telephoning : (876) 285-4761/292-3774, or email: