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Let people love whomever they want

Published:Friday | July 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I commend Keiran King ('The 'gay agenda' is a cheap scare tactic', July 16, 2014) and respond to his recent article on the rights of individuals on our beautiful island of Jamaica. Historically, we have been admired for loving and respecting all people with our proud motto, 'Out of Many, One People'. I wonder if any of the prophets - whether Jesus, Buddha, Haile Selassie, or Muhammad - would have said, "I despise and exclude you, 'you, disabled, gay, Hispanic, black, Jew, Muslim, white, Asian, Indian, poor soul?" Everyone has the freedom and preference to love. We need to talk to each other in Jamaica and stop pretending.

It's not OK to touch little girls or boys and joke about them budding. It's not OK to hate and then go to church and pray for damnation of people because they love someone who happens to love and sleep with them.

As long as people are adults, they have the right to love whomever they want. When you destroy a soul, you kill the spirit of potential for our land. I am a beautiful woman and I love and am attracted to a man. Who am I to judge? Who are you to judge? Time to tidy up 'the House'.


Disability Specialist

Atlanta, Georgia