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CREATIVE CASES - Couple gives consumers choice through Jamaica-branded items

Published:Saturday | July 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Co-founder and marketing director, Selesha Bailey-Douglas with CEO/founder Nigel Douglas. - Contributed
Jamaica-branded items
Jamaica-branded items

Tamara Bailey, Gleaner Writer

Mandeville, Manchester

With the harsh economic climate today, the need to 'get paid' has become greater than the need to 'do what you love'. But for the Douglases, the passion for their work supersedes all else, and making a living from their passion is simply a bonus.

Nigel Douglas and wife Selesha Bailey-Douglas, out of the need to diversify the appearance of gadgets as well as self-actualisation, started the business 'UneQ-Case D-Zines N-More Ltd', 'Giving power to creative choice!'

"We are a multifaceted company designed to help you make your thoughts a reality ... . We customise cases for smartphones, androids, and the tablet/PC market, providing all the graphic and printing needs of the customer ... . We are committed to offering the best possible service and highest quality of work worldwide," said the founder of UneQ-Case D-Zines, Nigel Douglas.


He continued, "We recognised that the choices people have to make concerning the design of their cases for their smartphones, androids, and tablet pcs are limited to what the retailers have available, hence our slogan, 'Giving power to creative choice!' "

In addition to the customised cases, the team provides design and graphics for logos, brochures, magazines, posters, business cards, book markers, t-shirts, jerseys, and vehicles, as well as customised building of screen and body protectors.

"We want to give people the opportunity to design their own cases, so we say, 'Bring us your idea as to what your ideal case should look like and let us make it a reality ... . No matter what it is, we can do it. If you are an entertainer, or any group that needs a line of customised products, then this is the place to get it. We can be contacted at 816-1840, or, or on Twitter @uneqcase7," said marketing director Selesha Bailey-Douglas.

The business, which was conceptualised in 2011 and began officially in 2014, saw numerous downfalls and rejections before its success, a process Bailey-Douglas believes the business had to go through.

"Having graduated from NCU (Northern Caribbean University) in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in mass communications, I found it difficult to think 'business' ... . I had to do constant research to become acquainted with business terms and procedures. The first challenge we encountered was to acquire the first [set of] equipment to start producing our products. Seeking investors exposed us to losing our ideas and creativity," said Bailey-Douglas.

She stated further: "God, however, came through for us when my cousin, Jennifer Holness, and her husband, Cargill, decided to make the purchase. Things began to blossom and bloom. But we were in for another shocker ... . The time came to register the business, and having submitted the application to register the company, we waited more than three weeks to hear that our application had been rejected ... . Thank God I had a husband who was patient, with an entrepreneurial mind."

It was not until the third application that the business was granted the licence.


"We have no regrets. This business is the only one of its kind in the entire island and one among few in the Caribbean ... . With our team of professionals - me, founder/CEO Nigel W. Douglas; co-owner/marketing director Selesha Bailey-Douglas; co-owner Horace Douglas; graphic specialist Romario Spencer; and part-time graphic assistant Wendy Masters - we will always strive to provide world-class service paired with global results," said Douglas.

With a heavy clientele base of high-school and college students and young professionals, the team is looking forward to years of success in the business, no matter how challenging it gets.

"Challenges become easier as I become aware of them. As one author said, 'Knowing life is hard, life becomes easier'..." said Douglas.