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Property tax seizures must be unjust

Published:Saturday | July 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


On Wednesday, July 9 during TVJ's nightly news, I heard the mayor of Kingston addressing the issue of unpaid property tax. She said that, according to the law, if someone rents a place and the property tax is in arrears, the assets of the TENANT can be seized!

Can this really be true?! I have always thought that property tax is the responsibility of the OWNER. I just cannot see the logic (or justice) in this.

She then proceeded to make a statement that had me doubting the evidence of my senses (but I checked and others also heard this). She proclaimed that if you visit a friend whose property tax is in arrears and you park "your nice BMW" (her words) outside, you could emerge to find your (the VISITOR'S) car seized!

How can this possibly be legal? Am I the only one who finds this very disturbing? I hope someone can tell me that I heard that one incorrectly!


St Andrew