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POEMS - poem of the week

Published:Sunday | July 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Mandela rise

Nelson Mandela, rise

Mandela rise

Yes, Mandela rise again

The first black president in the black man's country

His spirit revived

His body revived

And energy let him smile

He did not fall because he had exalted himself

He did not stumble and fall and rise again

He rose from his bed and energy let him smile

While some preparing to squabble for vanity and the thing that cause vexation of spirit

He rose from the bed of pain and sorrow and he smiled

Yes, the bed of pain, sorrow relived and he smiled

Mandela rise, Mandela rise

Yes, Mandela rise again

Mandela is wise

Mandela is courageous

Mandela is not for war

But he resisted against black domination

He resisted against white domination

And was cast in prison for 27 long years

Not for murder

Not for theft

Not for plotting war

But for defending rights and justice for the people

Twenty seven long years

Twenty seven long years

He was in prison

Think it through, Ian Smith did not care

De Clerk did not care, Botha did not care

They all were cold cold in their hearts

They seized him

They locked him away behind prison walls

Mandela a man of courage

A man of wisdom

He did not withdraw himself from defending the people

His enemies seized him

But he did not cease to greet the people

With these powerful words

We salute you, we salute you, We salute you

Madiba Madiba Madiba

Mandela rise Mandela rise

Yes, Mandela rise again

- V. O. Ricketts

"Puss an' Dawg"

While "no man is an island"

the woman fishes the Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic ocean to feed her borders

While" "no man stands alone"

the woman single-handedly raises children, enterprises, churches

the proverb takes new meaning

"puss an' dawg don't have the same luck"

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson

More Immaculate Conception

Let us silence the quarrel and end the prevailing debate

Jamaica's educational system is likened unto chess pawns deadlock in a stalemate

I call on the kings and queens in the castles of academia

To send out valiant knights who will fight to save this seemingly visionless Jamaican

According to Jamaica's All-Island Secondary School Ranking - 2014, Knox College is at 91.8 per cent

What is meant, I need Jamaica to not focus on the rank of 12th but on the significance of twelve

Jesus called twelve disciples to evangelise and educate the world, but one was a JUDAS

Out of the 161 schools evaluated, how many academics are selling out education for silver like Judas?

I beg of you to stop playing the hypocrite as if academic slavery does not exist

Don't you know many are victimised and ostracised because they refuse to bow to prejudice?

The malice, hate and bigotry that exist behind the scenes are erupting

Young people leaving school uneducated, the statistics are very alarming

We fix symptoms when schools face negative publicity

But smile and celebrate the so-called immortal pride of a temporary victory

Nothing is wrong with schools drinking from the victorious Manning or daCosta Cup

But the main servers (or players) often leave school educationally bankrupt

We jump and chant at the longevity of the world-renowned high school champs

But keep silent when our children graduate in drones like mad ants dressed in ignorance

And where is the insurance for those who go out to wreak havoc on society?

Many victims of teenage pregnancy - others break world records on the unemployment hierarchy

Higher than the highest human thoughts is God's ideal for His children

But sadly, Dovecot and Meadow rest and many other cemeteries are fattened with the ones stricken.

How many of us can sit and enjoy a game of chess?

Many say it is a game for minds and I challenge you to respond to what comes next

I call on you readers, leaders, preachers and teachers to focus on the pieces on the chess table

On this table education is the king and we must protect it with everything else on the table

In earnest we must invest in our pawns (students) to realise their dreams

We must launch an all-out assault on our enemy, the king called ignorance

Working with our current queen (PM) ensuring there is a clear path void of hindrance

Ultimately, one of our pawns will reach the eight rank and become our next queen

Now ready to checkmate the enemy king and allow our pieces (citizens) to live their dreams

Since chess is a materialistic game, let us become more realistic and change our aim

Now my fellow Jamaicans, Immaculate always suggests something pure - something white

By belief and by practice-Immaculate Conception is getting it 100 per cent right

Education is more than merely passing the basic five subjects

It is about the price of sacrifice not allowing our children to become ignorant subjects.

From pastors to principals to Politicians we can be knights

From teachers to tutors to taxi Drivers we can be knights

From church to corners to communities we can be knights

From schools to streets to students we can be knights

We must continue to fight with love for country and kingship as true knights do

We cannot allow the black magic of ignorance to obeah us like proverbial voodoo

"Underachievement is a preposterous kind of embarrassment" - many would say

Yet, fail or succeed, there is a sustained greed - and under performance says "where is my pay?"

I beg of you last bastions of hope to take a stand

I beg of you to be an agent of change and believe in Jamaica beyond the Vision 2030 plan

Be a proud Jamaican because out of many we are still one

And take a stand like Captain Spangle Banner and say "yes, we can"

Join the conscious singing voices like Chronixx and "smile for me Jamaica"

Believing - "There is nothing wrong with Jamaica that cannot be fixed by what is right with Jamaica."

Wake up, Trench Town, like Bob Marley, get ready for the academic exodus

Holy Trinity, stand up and let the world know that in God you put your trust

Paul Bogle High, lift your heads to the sky and remember why our hero's life was spent

I refuse to believe 3 per cent of Jamaicans have a Fair Prospect - instead make it 100 per cent

Finally, I rise from my knees in anticipation of a new academic creation

Hoping, having prayed that God will grant us another scholastic Jesus, birth from Immaculate Conception

And like Moses, lead us from the bondage of miseducation to the academic Promise Land

Where Jamaica becomes a place where we can live, work, raise families and do business - all day long


- Czedale Smallwood

Drought condition

Lawd Mas Harrow di sun hot to back foot! Nuh true? Talk truth.

Not even likkle a God wata to bathe! A when last yuh bathe?

A tidy mi tidy. Me nuh shame. Talking truth!

A spring me go get likkle wata enuh cause

Wata Commission nah gwaan good!

Yes man, mi pay mi bill! But not even cough di pipe a cough up likkle wata.

But between mi and you anuh Sally and har mawga foot bwoy a tief it!

Say wah? Report it! Yuh mad! Me a nuh informa!

Me just glad school lock. Nuff days Shanna haffi stay home.

Can't mek di PATH people know Massa. Dem won't get it -

A drought time and it tun up yah so!

So weh yuh MP a say? Hear yah! A nuh you vote fi dem?

Lickkie lickkie people and see drought a run!

Not even likkle wata dem a truck round!

We a plan to block di road go Highgate. You nah join? Stay dey!

Look how yuh tomato a bawl fi likkle wata!

Wait dey! A really Miss Jane weh cough up blood u send out!

Dung di gully? Yuh is a wuckless man!

Alright nuh botha chop me! Seem like di sun get in yuh head.

Me a go write up di cardboard box dem and move two ole stove!

You is a wuckless man!

Gwaan go farm as me nuh who a go buy dem dey!

Gweh! We want justice! Wata! Can't bathe! Wig stink!

Lawd me buck me toe.

Bruise to! And not even up a clinic have wata!

Send likkle rain, Father, do!

- Sugar-Ray Thomas