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'Capital Cities of the Caribbean' video launched

Published:Sunday | July 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

After four years of intense work, director and independent audiovisual producer from Martinique, Patrick Baucelin, has completed production of the video, Capital Cities of the Caribbean.

The video, mastered at his studio, Studio Pat, in Martinique, runs for around 70 minutes and puts the spotlight on cities of 31 countries in the Caribbean, from the more popular islands such as Jamaica and Cuba to the less-known countries such as Saba and St Eustatius.

Baucelin travelled to Ocho Rios last week aboard the Carnival Victory cruise ship, to promote the CD on the island and spend some time as a tourist.

"The DVD is about all the cities of the Caribbean; we look at the main streets, churches, architectural heritage," Baucelin told The Sunday Gleaner.

The French-speaking producer, with limited command of the English language, said it is hoped that the video will be on YouTube and on Caribbean television stations by next year.

With the production supported by funds from the European Commission, through the European Regional Development Fund, the video is being made available for free in schools, libraries, tourism offices and ministries of tourism across the countries included in the video.

"It's my idea because for me, it's important that the DVD is free for our people in the Caribbean," he explained.


The 56-year-old director/producer established Studio Pat 33 years ago, and has won several international awards for his work.

With Capital Cities of the Caribbean, Baucelin is aiming to raise awareness of the Caribbean people towards their neighbours, irrespective of language. It is hoped that this will lead to cultural and tourist exchanges and expand geographical knowledge of the islands.

The audio for the DVD is in English, French and Spanish, and viewers decide their language of choice.

The focus on islands begins with a look at Bermuda and ends with the ABC islands, off the South American coast, with a synopsis of life in Curacao.

For the approximately one minute and 20 seconds afforded Jamaica, the presenter introduced the island as the country of the king of reggae, Bob Marley. With a reggae beat pounding in the background, the presenter describes Kingston as a port surrounded by mountains, and mentioned the fact that it is the seventh largest natural port in the world.

Devon House and Fort Charles are also featured, along with footage of sections of the city.