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Beach tips 101

Published:Monday | July 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

It is now the hottest season of the year, and that means it's time to head to the beach. Here are a few tips to make your 'downtime' a little easier:

Accessorise appropriately

1There is no need for extravagant jewellery that you can lose or might leave behind. However, there are things that are a must-have, such as a beach bag that can hold your towel, sunscreen and necessities. Then last but definitely not least, your sunglasses.

Protect your skin

2Women of colour tend to believe that they do not need sunscreen, but they do. Your skin needs protection just like anyone else. You are not only protecting your skin from a horrible tan but also ageing which will occur as a result of baking in the sun. No one wants that extra wrinkle.

Handy food

3When packing your food it is better to have individually packed disposable Tupperware or foil as these are easier to handle if it is a windy day at the beach. Disposable plates can be a bit cumbersome and hard to manage trying to keep them and your food from blowing away.

Comfortable sandals

4Ballet shoes, though cute and comfortable, are not the best footwear for the beach. If you want minimal clean-up when you go home, the last thing that you need is to have to get the sand out of every crevice and corner of your shoes. Also do not be fooled by photo shoots, wedges are not comfortable shoes for a day at the beach.


5Yes, toys. We are not children, but bringing a ball or some game for you and your friends to enjoy is a great idea. You can only enjoy so much splashing in the water and if you do not want to get your hair wet, it is a fun way to enjoy the shore.


6 If you are at the beach alone, then a good book, tablet or magazine is an easy way to relax and just have some 'me time.' Please note the tablet is not for catching up on work.


7 You will be surprised how quickly and how dehydrated you can get while having fun at the beach. Ensure you have enough water.

Cover up

8Do not take coverage for granted. You need to keep covered when you are having your 'downtime'. You might not get a huge tree to nestle under, so tugging along your oversized beach umbrella is a good idea.

Photo by Claudia Gardner

A section of the pristine Half Moon Beach in Orange Bay, Hanover.