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It's all about the colour

Published:Monday | July 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
L'Oréal stylist Sangay Richmond curls Tanique Thompson's hair after giving her a colour treatment on her ends.
The L’Oréal Excellence collection for grey coverage.
After using L’Oréal’s Excellence Creme permanent colour, use Color Shield shampoo and conditioner, which keeps hair colour from fading for up to eight weeks.
L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Mega Gel, Holding Spray and Spritz Finishing Spray, accompanied by the new Out of Bed Texturiser to give hair a messy effect.
When colouring with L'Oréal's Feria permanent colour, make sure you use other products for coloured hair like the moisturising cream, heat protector or sheen, before or after curling.
After using Garnier Olia ammonia-free permanent colour, you can use the Fall Fight and Triple Nutrition shampoo line by Garnier if your hair feels dry or begins to break. - Photos by Rochelle Keane
Triple Nutrition for dry damaged has three fortified fruit oils; olive, avocado and almond oils – to penetrate deep to strengthen the hair and keep it shiny and smooth.

Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

Summer is back, school is out and colour is in! Start the season with a bang as Pioneer Manufacturing Distribution Company Limited, distributors of L'Oréal and Garnier products presents you with the ultimate summer experience in shades of shimmering and shining colour.

Their forum entitled 'Its All About Colour' spoke about the various hair-colour brands, the correct hair-colour application processes and how to care for coloured and damaged hair.

The need for healthy, beautiful hair is every woman's dream, and we treat our hair with care because no one wants to hear their hairdresser say; 'your hair is damaged', 'your ends are split' or 'we may have to cut'.

With the existence of different hair textures and types, there is a brand hair colour for every woman's needs. During PMD's forum it was pointed out that for persons of Chinese, Indian or mixed ethnicity they should use Garnier's Olia Permanent Colour instead of the Feria Brand because of the hair texture. For any woman not liking her grays, she should use L'Oréal's Excellence Creme because it was made for that purpose.


The Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color of Feria Brand, although not ammonia free, delivers intensified highlights to the hair, which provides bold, head-turning shades. This product, which contains its revolutionary Power Shimmer Conditioner, hydrates and conditions the hair weeks after colouring to prevent breakage.

With this Caribbean weather, how often we visit the beach and our gym routines makes it very difficult to maintain good-looking hair. But, are you aware that what you wash your hair with can make a difference? The forum which placed importance on hair care noted the variety of shampoos and conditioners by Garnier - from preventing fading to dry, distressed damaged hair with different ingredients for the nutrients your hair lacks.