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As bare as you dare

Published:Monday | July 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Jody-Anne Lawrence,  Lifestyle Reporter

It is the season for the beaches and women are going as 'bare as they dare', but what is your best hair-removal option? To get bikini-smooth, many have tried it all. But are these methods the best for your skin? Well, Flair has solicited some advice from dermatologist Dian Robinson on the pros and cons of some of these methods.



1. Cost-effective.

2. Easy to do.


1. As women of colour, many might struggle with irritable ingrown hair. This will eliminate the smooth look that you are trying to accomplish.

2. You have to do it frequently to maintain a smooth appearance.

3. Offers the least smooth feel and look of all the hair-removal methods.


1. Many women are now opting to wax, and this is not a poor choice.


Gives a smooth appearance since it removes the hair from the root, leaving the skin baby smooth.

2. Less likely to have ingrown hair.

3. The process can last as long as three to four weeks.


1. It is painful for most women.

2. Constant waxing can cause discolouration because when you wax, you remove the top layer of your skin which will heal, but after some time will become darker. This mainly occurs on the underarm and bikini area.


Then there are the hair-removal creams like Nair and Veet which is a lifesaver for some women.


1. It is relatively easy to use.

2. It gives a smooth look without killing skin cells.


1. These creams have harsh chemicals that some women might be allergic to.

2. It is not recommended to be used too closely to the genitalia. Therefore, you might have to use them along with another regime to remove hair for that swimwear.

Laser treatment


1. This is the least cost-effective of the bunch. However, it is the safest. This does not damage the skin.

2. After a number of uses, it becomes permanent.

3. Gives women the smooth look and feel without irritation.


1. This has to be done by a profes-

sional, thus not easily accessible.

2. It also is not cost-effective initially. However; in the long run, it will be cheaper as it becomes permanent unlike any other treatment.

3. Number of treatments can go up to 12 depending on thickness of hair and skin type.