Tue | Jul 27, 2021

Don't diss by flying over war zone

Published:Tuesday | July 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Last week's downing of the Malaysian passenger airliner over Ukraine is indeed a wake-up call, but not for the reasons of further blaming and punishing certain sides, which seems to be President Barack Obama's position.

The fact that no one is inclined to take responsibility means that all of those involved, including neutral parties like the airline itself, should share in the blame of what was the result of poor judgement, if not idiocy.

I still hear relevant heads of state understating this 'war' as being a 'conflict', and it is no wonder that they believed that a passenger plane could fly over a war zone, or less appropriately, a conflict zone, and not be interfered with. I am sure that whichever of the warring factions that shot down that aeroplane must have been shocked, as I was, to see or hear of a civilian plane flying past.

With due respect to, and sympathies for the loved ones of the deceased, I would be rather upset to be trying to fight a war, depriving myself for a cause, only to have you just fly over just like that. That's disrespectful! Isn't that what this war is about, though, a lack of respect?

It is hard to blame the Ukrainian government because it is desperately trying to garner confidence from its citizens and the rest of the world, but this incident has thwarted such efforts. Pride is impeding the restoration of peace and, as this incident has shown, so is an atmosphere deprived of forgiveness.



Norwood, St James