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Suspend bird-shooting season

Published:Thursday | July 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Bird shooting is a sport that traditionally mostly the rich and well-to-do participate in. Today, more citizens of means are participating in this sport.

Currently, the nation is suffering from prolonged drought. This drought has also greatly affected our wildlife population, particularly our game birds. As I see it, our game birds need time to build their stock and at least a two-year ban would seem the right thing to do.

I am, therefore, calling on sportsmen and other citizens of like minds to lend their voices on this matter of national interest and apply pressure and call for the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to suspend the upcoming bird-shooting season. In the meanwhile, bird-shooting sports fans should turn their target on clay birds - skeet shooting - and hone their skill until the reopening of the bird-shooting season. In fact, many of our bird shooters are not good shots and many birds are not killed; they are maimed, injured and are left to suffer and die.

Should NEPA grant the reopening of the bird-shooting season, then they should explain to the nation their reason for doing so. Claiming that we have a increase in bird population will not suffice. And that will not be true.