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Shuffle the Shadow Cabinet

Published:Thursday | July 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Andrew Holness should shuffle his Shadow Cabinet if he really wants to win the next election.

Recent events have shown that this shadow cabinet is indeed a shadow and needs energising.

One of the main changes needed is in the area of National Security, and I would replace Derrick Smith with Alexander Williams, who could also carry Justice. As it relates to Karl Samuda, I would give Kent Gammon his portfolio, as Gammon seems to have more energy and might be less likely to embarrass the JLP and Holness by his statements.

Of all the changes, I believe this is one of the most important as Samuda is clearly a liability to the JLP and should be removed from the Cabinet.

I also believe that Kamina Johnson Smith should take Gender and Women's Affairs as Babsy Grange has been silent, and Johnson Smith is already speaking with great effect on these matters.

I would find a place for Delroy Chuck as he still has a lot to contribute, and I would give Floyd Green Labour and Social Security, allowing Pearnel Charles to focus on the Public Service.

With these changes, Holness can show Jamaica that he is ready for government.

Norman Simpson

Portmore, St Catherine