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Float bond to transform Trelawny stadium

Published:Saturday | July 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica needs a modern stadium a facility that will rival any in the world. We need to make this not only a stadium but a village in itself. Driving by the Meadowlands Sports Complex daily in New Jersey, I see the construction of its village, with hotels, arena, stadium, amusement park, and shopping mall under construction, all on swamp.

Why not a similar facility in Jamaica? We have the land plus added attraction of some of the world's finest beaches. We have a facility sitting idly by with the land space, scenery and a highway already built passing by and less than 30 minutes from an international airport. I speak of the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium.

I am proposing that the Govern-ment of Jamaica seriously consider floating a diaspora bond specifically for this idea. Consider how popular Jamaica is in sports. I am positive that the almost 3 million plus in the diaspora would overwhelmingly purchase bonds, not to mention major sporting goods manufacturers. This project, over four or five years, will generate thousands of jobs and residual development from St Ann to Westmoreland immediately, not to mention long-term employment in the various disciplines in sports, tourism and commerce.

I see regular Diamond League events; possibly visiting NBA, NFL games. ISSA would be also able to maximise attendance at Champs in what should be at least a 75,000-capacity stadium.

Will the powers that be have the will to take this seriously?


New Jersey, USA