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Joseph the spiritual healer - Part II

Published:Saturday | July 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Joseph in action in his office in Manchester.

Christopher Serju, Gleaner Writer

WALDERSTON, Manchester:MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT his chosen profession have led people to view spiritual healer Joseph in the wrong light, but he's not bothered.

Convinced of the need for someone of his stature to help in balancing scales in a world where evil abounds, and in a country well populated by evildoers, people hell bent on causing harm to many innocents, there is a constant stream of customers clamouring for Joseph's services.

Joseph said he has developed a reputation for helping, healing, and exorcism for almost four decades - 38 years to be exact.

"People are putting things into restaurant food for people to come back and eat it - that is wrong and it is against God and man. People are using many different things, this world is built up of science, so who don't want to believe and take heed from JoJo let them. One day, they will see the results. People are throwing metals spells for people to meet in accidents. Some of the accidents are not a natural crash - it is a force used against them why they meet in accidents, and I can break that spell.

"I am very powerful, I am a grand master and even that duppy in Spanish Town, I am the one that run away that demon, and I didn't reach up there because ghost hunters come here to do that and them couldn't manage. Them say that Jojo, I get a lick with a hammer in my chest; I give them something and send them up there with Mark 4: 7-11, and say tell that duppy seh is JoJo send you. When they go up there and they use whatever I give them, duppy gawn, run gawn."

Secure in the conviction of the purity of his actions, Joseph is committed to continue helping people, including and especially those beyond the reach of conventional medical science.

"Even doctors have to recommend people to me because many of the jobs they cannot do because it is spiritual. These things I deal with are highly spiritual, and anywhere duppy is, it's good for me to go there and get rid of those things."

On average, this spiritual/herbal doctor sees about 35 'patients' per day for which he charges a modest fee.

"I have to buy material things so I charge them at a reasonable price to deal with it, but when I'm doing exorcism, it cost me to deal with that so I have to charge for clearing a house or blessing up shopping plazas or things like that, but I am not looking for riches out of it. I just live a simple life. I'm satisfied with what I have."

On the question of a successor, Joseph was emphatic. "I don't see anybody worthy enough. You have to born with that gift for me to train you, and I can't give it to people who are not worthy to get because they will use it against others."

So is this master of the mystical arts satisfied with life?

He told Rural Xpress: "I have life, I have my knowledge, and that's how I survive. I survive with my knowledge and the blessing that God gives me. I'm not a man that suffers. I have everything that I want in life. I help people every day, and as long as I live, I am going to be helping people."