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From ankles to toes

Published:Monday | July 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Getting a pedicure does not only allow your feet to be sandal-ready but also gives you some relaxing 'me time'.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

It is summer,, and body parts that are usually hidden under layers of clothing are now being revealed. Men, dressing down and pulling out those sandals are the order of the day, but they reveal any flaws that may be hidden under socks and loafers. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of or reduce feet indiscretions and make them ready for summer.

1 Moisturise heels. Men, this is one area you cannot neglect. Neglecting them can cause your heels to feel and look very unsightly.

2 Men, please remember to cut your toenails. It is not attractive to have chipped long talons. A man with nice feet can get a lot closer to the woman he likes than one with unkempt toes.

3 Choose appropriate sandals for your feet. If you know that your feet perspire, plastic or rubber sandals that will make you slip and slide would not be appropriate. Choose one in a fabric that will keep your feet cool.

4 To help keep your feet sandal-worthy, try to avoid going barefoot. This will cause the sole of your feet to get hard while promoting cracked heels.

5 When you shower, make sure to wash between your toes and dry them properly. Sometimes we think we do, but it is important to take extra care to ensure they are properly dried so as to avoid athlete's feet.

6 Eliminate corns. These unsightly hard areas, are sometimes unavoidable (always think comfortable shoes) but will make your feet too unsightly for sandals. Do not let these calluses take over your life. Here are tips on how to remove them.

a. A wooden foot scrub, used with an exfoliating or any liquid or powder foot scrub and a container of warm water will do the trick.

b. Follow instructions on foot scrub packet to see whether to apply to feet or water.

c. Soak feet as long as desired or instructed on packet.

d. Use the wooden scrub on corns and dry heels to remove dead skin.

e. Afterwards, dry and then moisturise feet.

7 If you cannot do the above, then get a professional pedicure. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your feet in a salon.