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LETTER OF THE DAY - Health, logistics hubs are pipe dreams

Published:Monday | July 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM


This government seems to have come to power with absolutely no clue about what they will do to fix our many problems.

As a matter of fact, it seems as if Dr Peter Phillips is the only minister of government with an action plan, despite the worsening hardship for all and sundry. But at least we have a rough idea of what Dr Phillips is doing.

As for the other ministers, it is confusion and failure everywhere. Dr Fenton Ferguson is turning out to be the biggest disappointment. His ridiculous vision for Jamaica to become the health hub of the region is laughable as he is yet to get the memo that the entire public health system is officially in a state of crisis.

The silence of the Medical Association of Jamaica President Dr Shane Alexis about the disastrous state of the system, the obvious inability of the minister to manage even ensuring that major hospitals have water, and his boasting of going to multiple international conferences is an embarrassment that must be called out. Has the Medical Association of Jamaica no voice?

As for Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton, it is time for somebody to gently tell him to call it quits. For all his hub talk for Jamaica, nothing is happening. Not one concrete block is on the ground despite two years of hub talk.

Logistics hub, ICT hub, sports hub, scrap-metal hub, health hub, agriculture hub; they are all pipe dreams going nowhere.

Jamaicans need to wake up. We are going nowhere fast.

Dara Johnson

Ensom City