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Captain, JFF in conflict of interest

Published:Wednesday | July 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


While I am willing to accept Orville Higgins' definition of conflict of interest (Gleaner, 'Put up or shut up', July 25, 2014), I am unwilling to accept his narrow interpretation of it.

Higgins' argument presupposes that Captain Horace Burrell is the best person to lead the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). However, if we imagine for a minute that he may not be the best person to lead the JFF and that there are better suited persons to take Jamaica's football out of the doldrums, how will these people ever rise to the fore, given Captain's admittedly unfair advantage?

If this unfair advantage continues to stymie the ultimate development of Jamaica's football, isn't that a corruption of the process? All speculation, maybe, but definitely within the realm of possibility.

conflict of interest

This is where the conflict of interest comes in. The possibility of Captain remaining at the head of the JFF because of this advantage may be at conflict with the best interest of Jamaica's football.

Similarly, Captain's sponsorship of parish associations may be perceived as using his company to garner support from delegates, in furtherance of his stay at the pinnacle of JFF leadership and, thus, may not be in the best interest of other shareholders in his company (if there are any). This, again, may be in conflict of the best interest of the company.

So while his engagement in both endeavours may obviously be in the best interest of Captain himself, it is the other stakeholders (Jamaica's football, shareholders of his company) who may end up being short-changed. This is the conflict!