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LETTER OF THE DAY - The purpose of human life

Published:Thursday | July 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM



Gleaner columnist Keiran King speculated about the purpose of human life, et al, in his column on Wednesday, July 30. This writer provokes thought, whether one agrees or disagrees with him. I happen to disagree with what he seems to be suggesting today, but I still respect what he says.

My belief is that human life once had a definite purpose for which mankind was 'created'. That purpose no longer exists, but we can substitute a worthwhile one in its place. The oldest human sacred texts, written by men who lived among the Elohim when they were on earth, precedes the Bible texts by thousands of years relating to the same events, creation of man, the flood, the rebellion named the Tower of Babel, and so on. They claimed to have been taught the history of mankind (and the earth) directly by various members of the Elohim in the 'houses' of the gods, ziggurats/temples, et al, where a god (an Eloha) would actually have an office on the uppermost floor.

The Atra Hasis texts and the Babylonian Epic of Creation, among others, state that man was created (bio-engineered) to WORK on the plantations of the Elohim settlers on earth on the steppes or grasslands of the Edin (biblical Eden). They were led by the mighty Yahweh, chairman of the ruling Council of Twelve, and were scientists from another planet we now call "heaven". Man was bio-engineered as a mix between an earth animal (homo erectus) and one of the Elohim. The egg of a female Herectus was fertilised by this procedure so that man was 'created' in the image of the gods, but with both godly and animal characteristics. Evolution had NO role in this process at all.

The actual process took place in the African Rift Valley, perhaps in the region of Ethiopia, where the Elohim labs were set up. The 'snake' was the symbol of the Elohim geneticist, two snakes around a pole being the symbol of the double helix DNA of humans, the pole representing the spine. This Caduceus is still the symbol of the medical profession today.

After the Elohim left earth (about the year 2024 B.C.) man was truly on his own, but could still contact his makers via telepathy, that is, the gift of prayer, and also by religion, another gift of the Elohim to teach morals.

The purpose of human life now is what man decides to make it. Either annihilation in a few hours via nuclear weapons, or paradise via improvement of living conditions of all humans with science and technology.