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Portmore council needs new blood

Published:Friday | August 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


With the recent controversial developments surrounding the Portmore municipality, the people of Portmore must be wondering what they got themselves into when they elected an almost all-People's National Party (PNP) council.

In 2014 alone, the people of Portmore have had to deal with an increase in the toll prices for a toll they did not ask for, and the amending of laws which govern the city without being consulted by their representatives.

It has now become clear to us in Portmore that because of our blind commitment to the PNP, the party has taken us for granted and believe we ought to endure any atrocities meted out to us. They believe we have lost sight of the vision we have for our city and the type of leadership we expect to receive.

So guess what? When next we vote, we expect a fresh slate of candidates to represent us in the municipal council. It is clear that the jokers who now sit there have no clue as to how a municipality is run. They have no new ideas and their time is up.

When Portmore votes, we need candidates who are mindful of the current century. We want the 21st-century city promised to us, and we are now aware that is only possible through the injection of new blood into the council.

We need a mayor who is for the people of Portmore and not one who is a political puppet. Our new mayor must be ably ready to take Portmore forward. The Sunshine City has seen too many dark days.


Bridgeport, St Catherine