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First-time Dream attendee plans return trip

Published:Monday | August 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Tandy Henry (left) would not return to Smirnoff Dream Weekend this year without bringing her best friend, Tara Funchess, along for the fun. - Photo by Karrie Wiolliams


After years of listening to her friends talk about Smirnoff Dream Weekend, Miami resident Tara Funchess is happily attending the party series this year, becoming not only a first-timer at the event, but also to the island.

''I am happy to be here and I am having fun,'' Funchess said. ''My friends have been coming for a while and they have always been inviting me to come along. I'm glad I listened."

After just one day of the Dream Weekend experience, Funchess, who confessed to being a great lover of Jamaican music, had already decided that this visit will not be her last. She intends to be back next year, taking along as many of her friends who are willing to make the trip.

However, the pull of the music is not the only reason the party lover plans on returning to Jamaica. Funchess has also been seduced by the warm hospitality of the residents of a country ranked among the 10 happiest in the world.

''The Jamaican people are really nice and I already feel at home here... Even before this party comes back around, I want to be back here for Christmas. I love this island,'' she said.