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Sherelle mixing up a storm with Asherlee

Published:Monday | August 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Steffie Sewell looking and liking the end product of her twist-outs using Asherlee Naturals products. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Asherlee Naturals hair-care line. - Contributed Photos

Jody-Anne Lawrence,  Gleaner Reporter

Sherelle Curtis mixed her way to a new hair-care line after a big chop to try and achieve healthier hair.

For years, Curtis had always processed her hair, but then, in 2009, she decided that she wanted to take better care of her hair, as the constant processing was wreaking havoc on her beautiful tresses. She went on to do a big chop and in going natural, she wanted to use mainly natural products in her hair to keep it healthy. It was out of this move that Asherlee Naturals was born.

"I realised that some of the things that I needed for my hair could be found in my very own kitchen," said Curtis.

So she just started mixing.

She went on the Internet to research products made from natural ingredients that would be good for natural hair, and soon she was creating her own blends.

Before long, her friends started to enquire about what she was using in her hair and they encouraged her to start making enough for commercial purposes. Realising that she had a real business opportunity on her hands, Curtis began doing deeper research and practices with different blends. In 2013 Asherlee Naturals was born, boasting a product line of her own creative blends of hair-care products.

With 'love' being the main ingredient in every product in her line, business boomed well beyond Curtis' expectations.

Customers appreciate that the ingredients and instructions on the labels are quite easy to read and understand. In fact, the only ingredient on any product bottle that they might not understand is optiphen, which is a preservative, giving the product a longer shelf life.

Clients also appreciate the fact that Asherlee Naturals' products have a mild, appealing scent and a light texture that does not weigh down the hair, leaving it smooth and silky.


To demonstrate the ease of use of the products, hairstylist Nicole Milwood did a twist style on client Steffie Sewell, using Asherlee Naturals' Provitamin B5 and Marshmallow Leave In Cream, Nourishing Daily Hair Butter Cream and Hair Sealant to show the effects of the products.

1. First, the leave-in cream was applied to the hair. Once applied, you can feel the difference in texture as it softens the hair, allowing for easy comb through, which you could see in Milwood's demonstration. The effects is a light texture that does not weigh down the hair.

2. The nourishing daily hair butter cream was then used. This helps to hold the curls with minimal frizz. This also allows the hair to feel silky with no sticky build up, as hairstyling gels tend to do.

3. The hair butter sealant is then added to lock in moisture so that it does not dry out, leaving a trashy texture.

4. Milwood then flat-twisted Sewell's hair.

5. Sewell is then placed under the hairdryer for 15 minutes and then Milwood pulled out the flat twists.

The finished look? Sewell's hair held the curls without frizzing.

After touching and playing with the hair, Sewell's twist style was left intact while keeping her natural texture. It was not stiff or greasy and it did not have any build-up. It had a natural, soft shine. The scent was not overpowering, either. Although the product line is mainly natural, it did not have that general musky scent which turns off many people from natural hair products.

You can get Asherlee Naturals at Earth Elements at Savanna Plaza, Beautiful Earth Elements at Oaklands Plaza, Divine Living Essentials or email: