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Vagina not public property, but are women asking for it?

Published:Tuesday | August 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Karen Lloyd, in her Sunday Gleaner column 'My vagina is not public property' (August 3, 2014), writes: "I once witnessed a man grab a woman's crotch in his effort to figure out if 'all a da buffness deh a really [fi har]'."

My questions are: Was the 'buffness' obvious to Ms Lloyd? If so, can you imagine what it does to a horny man to whom it would also be obvious?

Before moving on, I want to make clear that I absolutely condemn the behaviour of these good-for-nothing men who abuse women, especially in this way, and seem to always get away with it. Instead of a slap in the face, it should have been a shot in the face to save touching that scumbag.

However, let me use these analogies: (1) In the market, items are displayed to see and touch. (2) In dress shops, articles are displayed to see, touch and for trying on. (3) In the hardware stores, items are displayed to see touch and sometimes demonstrate. (4) There are things advertised on which you can get a 30-day demonstration free.

The 'buffness' being obvious may have been seen as being on display. I say all this to say things on display are for public interest and pleasure. That's the marketplace. That's the name of the game.

For many decades, fashion designers have been creating ladies' clothing more and more skimpy to the extent where some, if not most, items have disappeared.

We old fogeys would remember when the bathing suit displayed the arms, the legs and above the breasts. What today is called the skin was never shown in public. But guess what? The fashion houses are selling more and more of such garb.

The question now is why girls should not be allowed to wear these items of clothing without being molested. Well, the girls must realise that not all men will resist the obvious, even if nature does not call.

Do the ladies have a responsibility to be more modest in their attire?