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'Zumbastic' experience at Eden

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

The key to any form of physical fitness is to have fun with it. So if weightlifting isn't for you and you are looking for a creative way to get in some cardio and lose some of that unwanted body fat, then Dance Fitness at Eden Gardens may be just the activity you need.

According to Eden Garden's public relations manager, Etmour Williams, "People are moving towards a wellness lifestyle and at Eden Gardens, they are all about health and wellness. Dance Fitness is an active, interesting and expressive way of shaping up and getting the body they deserve."

The gym has been open for the past two years and has been making waves with innovative classes and a 24-hour gym service to members. Providing one-hour open sessions of intense fun workout with dance fitness on Mondays and zumba on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m., Williams noted that while zumba is Latin oriented, they decided to 'Jamaicanise' the phenomenon, offering fitness fanatics and first timers and those in between a complete session package of soca, Latin and dancehall.

Here at The Gleaner, our lifestyle team is all about #teamhealthy, so two Wednesdays ago, we left our office and headed to Eden Gardens Wellness and Spa to experience their zumba class for ourselves. The pending inclement weather could not stop us from fulfilling our fitness mission. And the roof terrace, sporting open grey sky overlooking the beautiful city of Kingston, was the perfect place to work up that well-needed sweat.

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Our instructor, Uton Vassell, who has been doing this for the past two and a half years, did not waste any time in getting the class under way. He explained to Flair that if you do want to get fit, this is definitely the class for you, since you work practically every muscle in your body. "From your arms and core to your buns and thighs, and can burn from 600 to 800 calories per class, in a refreshing environment to the beats of great music,"explained Vassell.

The promise of a high-cardio workout bore fruit, as Vassell effortlessly guided us through Latin, dancehall and soca dance routines. A few of us kept up with the fitness trainer, while others backed out for a breather and sips of water. He repeated the routines within the songs so we could all play catchup. We slowly but surely begun synchronising our movements, and it was there that the liveliness and excitement really began. Once we nailed each song, or came close to that, we all felt satisfied with the accomplishment.

By the end, some were gasping for air, but all in all, it was truly a 'zumbastic' experience.

If you are interested in Eden Garden's Dance Fitness and Zumba classes, contact Eden Gardens at 946-EDEN (3336).