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FLOW injunction

Published:Thursday | February 21, 2008 | 4:57 PM

The Chairman of the Jamaica Association of Community Cable Operators, Colin Innis is against the decision of the Broadcasting Commission to take out an injunction against telecommunications company FLOW.

Mr. Innis said he does not believe the Broadcasting Commission should prevent local operators from selling their businesses.

He said the government should have created an environment where cable operators would be encouraged to keep their businesses.

Yesterday, the Broadcasting Commission announced that it had obtained an injunction against FLOW.

The injunction prevents FLOW from completing the sales agreement with Entertainment System, until there is a judgment or a further order by the court.

It also prevents FLOW from acquiring another cable station without the approval of the Broadcasting Commission.

An injunction against Entertainment System prevents it from changing any of the terms and conditions, under the existing contractual agreement with its subscribers.

The Broadcasting Commission claims it was not informed of the deal between FLOW and Entertainment Systems Limited.