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Gay Jamaican Policeman seeks refuge in Canada

Published:Monday | February 25, 2008 | 2:09 PM

A Jamaican policeman is reportedly seeking refuge in Canada after claiming that he has been attacked and abused by his colleagues in the force because of his sexual preferences.

A report in the Toronto Star quotes 24 year old Michael Hayden, saying that he hopes to migrate to Canada where he can safely speak on behalf of other gay Jamaicans.

Mr. Hayden, who has been a member of the Jamaican police force for four years, claims that other police personnel routinely attacked and abused him, after becoming suspicious of his sexual choices.

After speaking publicly about the problem in The Jamaica Star newspaper earlier this month, Mr. Hayden said he began receiving death threats.

Mr. Hayden is the second gay Jamaican in recent weeks to seek refuge in Canada.

He is reportedly on a leave of absence from his job and is in hiding, while the allegations against his fellow officers are being investigated.