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OCG calls on Peart for apology

Published:Wednesday | February 27, 2008 | 11:19 AM

The Office of the Contractor General wants former Speaker of the House, Michael Peart to issue a public apology for alleging that members of his staff leaked the report into the Cuban light bulb project to the media.

Contractor General, Greg Christie said investigations have shown that his office was not responsible for the premature release of the report.

Mr. Peart claimed that individuals from the Contractor General’s office emailed the report to the media, before it was tabled in parliament.

He produced proof in the form of an email, which had been sent to him.

Mr. Christie said the file emailed to Mr. Peart, had been scanned from a hardcopy of the report and then circulated as an electronic file.

He said the original report, was a Microsoft Word file, which would not need to be scanned if it were sent directly from one of the office’s computers.

Mr. Christie also states that the file received by Mr. Peart, was not an exact replica of that which was circulated in his office.

According to Mr. Christie the document, which Mr. Peart had in his possession, has never existed at the office of the Contractor General.

Mr. Christie said investigations have shown that the report was leaked, from one or more of the State Authorities, to which 11 hard copies of the report were sent.