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Corrupt Corporal charged

Published:Friday | March 28, 2008 | 3:54 PM

A St. Elizabeth corporal is expected to appear in court to answer to corruption charges.

Corporal Noel Ford, 41, of the Santa Cruz Police in St. Elizabeth was arrested on Saturday.

He was held by detectives from the police anti corruption branch during an under cover operation in Goshen near Santa Cruz.

It is reported that on March 15, the policeman stopped a motorist near Santa Cruz Area and seized his


It is also reported that Corporal Ford did not issue the motorist with a ticket.

He allegedly solicited $10,000 from the motorist for the release of the vehicle, after which he later increased the sum to $20,000.

The motorist reported the matter to the police Anti Corruption Branch and an under cover operation was set up to catch Corporal Ford, while he was collecting the money.

Corporal Ford has since been charged with two counts of breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act.