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Court reviews phone company injunction

Published:Monday | April 7, 2008 | 11:34 AM

The Supreme Court will today be reviewing an injunction against Oceanic Digital.

Telecommunications Company, Peoples Telecom secured the injunction last Tuesday to prevent the Oceanic digital from disconnecting its customers on the Freedom Wireless Calling Plan.

The order prevents Oceanic Digital Jamaica, which operates the MiPhone brand from cutting off the services for eight days.

People’s Telecom has a contract with Oceanic Digital for it to carry the Freedom Wireless brand.

People’s Telecom is adamant that it has not breached its contract and feels that the action by Oceanic Digital is unwarranted, since both companies compete for the same clientele.

People’s Telecom acquired four domestic and international licences from the government in September 2003, and an internet provider licence in early 2004.