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Female prisoner caught

Published:Wednesday | April 9, 2008 | 2:50 PM

The female prisoner who escaped from the Fort Augusta lock up in St. Catherine has been recaptured.

Regina Lewis, 28, escaped while receiving medical attention at the St. Jago Health Centre.

Head of the Department of Correctional Services, Major Richard Reese, said the Yallahs police captured Lewis this morning.

Lewis was previously sentenced to 9 months in prison for malicious destruction of property and 20 days for possession of a chilum pipe.

She was to be released next month.

The two prisoners who escaped while being transported to Montego Bay from Kingston on Saturday have not been found.

They are Orlando Minto Junior and Zetroy Jones both of St. James.

Superintendent of Police for St. James, Steve McGregor, said the Bureau of Special investigations is still trying to determine how the prisoners escaped.

He said the investigations would determine if the policemen who were guarding the prisoners are in breach of security regulations.