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Health ministry to extend hours

Published:Monday | April 14, 2008 | 12:48 PM

The Health Ministry is considering extending the opening hours of health centres to deal with an increased number of persons accessing healthcare at public facilities.

The Health Ministry said the anticipated rush on the public health system did not materialise on April 1, which was the first day of the abolition of user fees at public health facilities.

However, the ministry said it might need to make some adjustments to its operations, as there has been a gradual increase in usage since last week.

It said this could include extending the opening hours of health centres.

Health Minister, Rudyard Spencer expected to outline the measures to be taken by the ministry during a press conference this morning.

He is also expected to give the country an update on the implementation of the new policy to abolish user fees in public health facilities.

Last week, the ministry reported that there had been a 58 percent increase, in the number of patients seeking medical attention at the accident and emergency departments at hospitals islandwide since April 1.

It also said a total of approximately 28,000 patients were seen at 21 hospitals with Kingston Public, May Pen and Mandeville hospitals among the facilities seeing the largest increases in the number of patients.