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ECJ awaits court ruling on dual citizenship

Published:Tuesday | April 15, 2008 | 1:56 PM

The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) said it would wait until all possible appeals in the Daryl Vaz citizenship case are heard before deciding on the future of Director of Elections, Danville Walker.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Vaz was not lawfully elected to represent Western Portland, because he acknowledged allegiance to the United States by travelling on a passport issued by that country.

During the election petition against Mr. Vaz, the court also learnt that the Director of Elections is also the holder of dual citizenship.

Mr. Walkers’ eligibility to hold the office was called into question, when he admitted in court that he was an American citizen.

Jamaican laws prohibit persons who are citizens of another country from becoming Directors of Elections.

Chairman of the ECJ, Professor Errol Miller said the commission had indicated at a press conference last month that it would not make any decision regarding Mr. Walker’s position, until all the court proceedings were finished.

He said the ECJ would stick with that decision.