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Automobile dealers to meet ministry

Published:Thursday | April 17, 2008 | 12:11 PM

Members of the Automobile Dealers Association are to meet with representatives of the finance ministry today to discuss the proposed restructuring of the import duty on motor vehicles.

The new car dealers are concerned that the proposed changes on import duty on new vehicles will have a severe impact on the industry.

Chairman of the Automobile Dealers Association, Kent Lacroix said the changes would force dealers to import fewer vehicles.

He said the changes would also force dealers to increase the prices on some vehicles by as much as 11.4


Mr. Lacroix said the association is very concerned with the proposed changes, particularly since the government did not seek to have dialogue with the association.

He said there are several aspects of the restructuring process, which need to be clarified.

According to the chairman, under the new structure no provision has been made for certain specialised vehicles.

He said the association would be presenting a proposal to the government, which will allow for a more equitable import duty structure.