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School board to meet police

Published:Tuesday | April 22, 2008 | 10:01 AM

Members of the school board at the Mount Zion primary school in St. Mary are to meet with the police today in an effort to resolve a dispute between a teacher at the school and a parent.

The meeting comes after the teacher was charged for cruelty to a child, following a report made to the police by the parent.

She is to appear in the Richmond Resident Magistrate’s court tomorrow.

Yesterday, parents at the school protested against a decision taken by the parent to report the teacher to the police, as well as the Child Development Agency.

The protestors claim the teacher was acting in the interest of the child and another student.

The teacher reportedly reprimanded the boy, after she observed him approaching another student with a razor blade.

Some parents have called for the charge against the teacher to be withdrawn.