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Sandra McLeod case in court

Published:Friday | April 25, 2008 | 11:48 AM

Michael Grandison and Peter Bandoo are to reappear in court today in connection with the June 2005 murder of owner of the Merrils 3 resort in Negril, Sandra McLeod.

It is alleged that arrangements had been made between Mr. Grandison and Ms. McLeod to have a meeting on June 5 at the property, which was not in use at the time because it was being repaired.

The prosecution’s report states that Ms. McLeod went to the property at the time arranged, but Mr. Grandison was not there.

It is further alleged that Mr. Grandison later called Mr. Bandoo to ask him if he had seen Ms. McLeod.

Mr. Bandoo went to look for the deceased at the scheduled meeting place and found her strangled in the conference room.

It is also alleged that Mr. Bandoo, Mr. Grandison and another person were seen running from the property on the same day Ms. McLeod’s body was found.

The prosecution’s allegations are that Ms. McLeod and Mr. Grandison had a disagreement regarding management of the Merrils 3 property and a lease agreement.

The matter was being heard before the Supreme Court.

However, the defense team has argued that the disagreement between Mr. Grandison and Ms. McLeod was amicably settled long before June 5 and that there was no evidence linking the men to her death.

Sandra McLeod was the mother of Kevin Brown, the Jamaican man suspected of trying to bring the components of a bomb on to a flight at the Orlando International Airport last month.