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PNP councillor caretaker bail extended

Published:Friday | April 25, 2008 | 1:53 PM

The People\'s National Party councilor caretaker who has been charged in connection with a quantity of light bulbs found at a house in St. Andrew is to return to court on Wednesday.

Andrew Baxter has been charged with unlawful possession of property.

When he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates court this morning, his bail was extended because the two other men charged in connection with the incident were not present.

The two men are also to return to court on Wednesday.

Baxter contested the Stony Hill seat for the PNP in the local government elections last December.

He was charged last week by the Constant Spring police after over 1,600 lights bulbs were found at a house in Stony Hill.

The police say they discovered the bulbs after a motorcar which was reported stolen in April, was stopped during an operation.

According to investigators, several bulbs were found in the car and more were later found at a house.

Two teenagers, one of whom is Baxter\'s son were arrested in connection with the find.

The bulbs are believed to be linked to the controversial Cuban light bulb programme.