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PSOJ supports casino gambling

Published:Friday | April 25, 2008 | 1:55 PM

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, PSOJ, is supporting the decision by the government to grant casino licences for Jamaica.

During his budget presentation on Tuesday, Prime Minister, Bruce Golding said the decision was in keeping with a commitment given by the former PNP administration.

However, he said some stiff conditions will have to be met before persons are granted licences to operate casinos.

Mr. Golding also said the appropriate regulatory framework and tax regime are to be legislated to govern the operation of casinos.

In a statement this morning the PSOJ President, Christopher Zacca said casino gambling is likely to have a positive impact on foreign direct investments and the Jamaican economy.

In addition to the revenue to be earned by the Government Mr. Zacca says casino gaming is likely to bring direct and indirect benefits to a wide cross-section of Jamaicans.

He said it should also impact on a number of sectors such including tourism, construction and transport.

In addition the PSOJ believes the introduction of casino gaming will contribute to the private sector’s efforts to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

The PSOJ is urging the Government to put in place strong regulatory policies to govern all casino gaming investors.

The organisation argues these should clearly indicate the consequences or penalties for those who contravene the proposed regulations.

Members of the church community have over the years strongly opposed any move by the government to legalise casino gaming.